Do you have a side job, something that brings you a little extra change outside of your regular job.

According to PRN over 40 million people have a little side action to help supplement their income and help them pay their monthly expenses.

The most likely age demographic for monthly side action is the group categorized as Millennials ages 18-36.

So what types of things do we do to make extra cash? There are so many I couldn’t begin to imagine, but many of us in the broadcast music industry have some side action as mobile DJ’s for weddings and parties, some announce events like local sports, host trivia nights, karaoke etc.

The Uber faze that has just hit our area is giving people a chance to make extra money driving people across town, and I’m sure many more will try their hand at this to earn some extra cash.

About 70% of women in this survey say they use the money they make from side action jobs to pay expenses, in fact more than half of the people say that extra cash helps pay bills.

I have always tried not to get caught up in using extra cash to just go out and buy things frivolously.

Paying down your bills will give you more income down the road and less stress each month, so I agree with the experts in using your extra cash to pay down your debt.

So keep up the good work and continue to bring in some of that side action cash.

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