I'm sorry but when I see Oprah preach that we're in this together on television I just don't buy it.

We have all been effected by the corona virus in some way. You may have a loved one that has had it, you may have had it yourself, you may be out of work or may be temporarily laid off of an unknown amount of time.

Our day to day lives have been dramatically altered. We cannot see loved ones when we want to, some of us are out of work with no clue where our next paycheck will come from and some cannot find essential items that they need at the store or might even be too afraid to go to the store.

This time is a weird time for everyone and though we're all struggling I don't believe that all of our problems are met with the same level of difficulty.

I really don't think I need to see Oprah, Dr, Phil, Ariana Grande to tell me to stay home and how they know what we're all going through. I don't think it's sincere when Arnold Schwarzenegger tells me to stay home while he's feeding exotic animals in his mansion or smoking a cigar from his hot tub.

The majority of us grasp the severity of the situation now. I don't need Paris Hilton to tell me she knows how tough we all have it.

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