If you've been waiting for the Live-Action Mulan to come out from Disney, there's good news.  It's being released next month...but it's going to cost you.

Disney has had a lot of success with their live-action reboots of big movies.  The Live-Action Mulan was supposed to be a huge blockbuster this summer. But...then COVID-19 happened and it got de-railed.  They've had it sitting in their back pocket to be released, but how do you do that?  Do you continue to wait until movie theaters can re-open and release it then?

They said no. They're going to release it through Disney+ in September. But don't get too excited yet Disney+ members. Yes, you'll need to have Disney plus...BUT it's also going to cost you. They're going to charge an extra $30 to unlock it.

The good news is that they don't plan to make a habit of this.  But let's be honest, if this works for them and they make a ton of money, could this be a new business model for how to release blockbusters in the future?

Disney had some luck with releasing the historical musical, "Hamilton" around the 4th of July and they're going to try the holiday weekend thing again.  Mulan will be released on September 4th, which is the Friday before Labor Day.  When "Hamilton" was added to the streaming service, the total Disney Plus downloads were 74% higher than the average of the four weekends in June 2020 over comparable time periods (Friday through Sunday).

I'm not sure that this one will be quite as big of a win for them though.  I just can't imagine people wanting to sign up for a streaming service and then pay an extra $30 for one movie.  I guess we will see on September 4th though.


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