There may be no better way to dine out during the coronavirus pandemic than in a bubble. You can at one rooftop restaurant in western New York.

Tappo restaurant in Buffalo is bringing back their heated igloos for an evening under the lights on the roof. They seat up to 8 people and each comes with a pre-selected meal that is served family-style for the entire group to share.

A friend suggested Tappo's owner Rocco Termini, look into putting the igloos on his restaurant roof, according to Buffalo Rising. "Termini said the second he saw the snow globes, he knew he needed them for the roof."

Photo Credit - YouTube via Ben Siegel
Photo Credit - YouTube via Ben Siegel

The rooftop igloos were so successful in 2019 Termini is bringing them back for 2020. They may be even more popular now with COVID-19 and the restrictions restaurants are facing.

Reservations are required for the new igloos that will be open November 1st through March 31st. You must have eight people in your party if you want to book Thursday through Saturday. You also may want to book well in advance. "The phone is ringing off the hook," to reserve an igloo, says Termini.

There are new menu options this year including for smaller groups Monday-Wednesday. Each package include choice of wine, warm beverages and a three course meal.

Tappo Restaurant is located at 338 Ellicott Street in Buffalo, New York. Learn more at or by calling (716) 259-8130.

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