We all know that things are different this year because of COVID-19 including Halloween. There are several reasons why I think that Halloween is the perfect holiday for 2020 and you can see them here.

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That's what I think but what about the CDC?  They have released their Halloween guidelines and the good news is that there is still a lot of things that we can still do.

One of the things that I did during this summer during the pandemic was to take road trips to different locations in New York and Pennsylvania. The good thing is that we are encouraged to still do things like that this fall including pumpkin farms and apple orchards.

So take the scenic trip to Iron Kettle Farm in Candor, Jackson Farm in Endicott, or Apple Hills in Binghamton. Don't forget to use sanitizer before picking the apples or handling the pumpkins.

Looking to get a little outside exercise? How about walking around the neighborhood and checking out all the decorated homes. I've noticed that more houses have gotten into the spirit of Halloween a lot earlier this year.

For Easter, I hide 300 eggs in the backyard and the kids find 297 of them. I find the other three when I run over them with my riding lawnmower. This summer, I found one from two years ago, the candy was still in it but tasted a little funny.

This year, my daughter, Tara has asked me if I would hide candy in the backyard for Halloween if we can't go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. I was thinking about hiding the candy on more porch but hiding the candy under the leaves and in the cold sounds like a much better idea.

These are just a few of my suggestions, what are you going to do differently this Halloween?

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