New York State didn't even sniff the Top 10 Best State to Drink Outdoors list compiled by cocktail culture website SuperCall.

It didn't even make the Top 20!

New York State sits at No. 24 on the list.

SuperCall took into account temperature, humidity, air quality, rainfall, and mosquitoes, They also took into account outdoor and natural beauty and  outdoor activities.

According to SuperCall:

If it wasn’t for the ridiculous amount of mosquitos, ticks and other nasty summertime insects (or the high heat and humidity) New York might be No. 1 on this list. While the city that never sleeps is a snowpocalypse during the winter, the state is full of revelry come summer. Not only does New York have an abundance of beaches, complete with a bevy of bars and tasty snacks, but it also has mountains, rivers, lakes and small, quaint towns. You can river raft, hike, surf, swim, small town bar hop, visit a distillery or winery, or camp your way throughout the state.

So basically, New York State is the best state for outdoor drinking, but because of the cold and the bug bites, it dropped thirteen spots!

I will give SuperCall some credit for highlighting the influx of small breweries and distilleries. They also highlight how amazing the nature and views are.

Of course California sits at No. 1 on the list. Why? The weather is always mild and they never really experience the cold and snow we do here in New York State. California also holds the biggest wine country and concentration of breweries in the country, so getting a drink isn't hard.

I will take drinking in NYS over anywhere else anyday! (Or any outside concert)

See the full list of Best States to Drink Outdoors here.

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