With efforts to find a new operator for Binghamton's iconic Number 5 restaurant unsuccessful, city officials are reviewing a redevelopment plan for the site.

Number 5 owner Jim McCoy had been seeking a buyer for the business on South Washington Street for more than two years.

The current menu for Number 5 restaurant in Binghamton. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Developer Brett Pritchard outlined a plan for a commercial and retail project at a city planning commission meeting Monday.

Pritchard said the former fire station that has housed the Number 5 restaurant for more than four decades could be used as office or retail space. A neighboring building on South Washington Street would be retained as part of the planned project.

A house on Mary Street that has been used as office space would be demolished.

A Mirabito convenience store and gas station would be part of the project. A local bank also would open an office at the new complex.

Pritchard said the property sale is expected to close early next month.

A view inside the Number 5 restaurant from the second floor dining area. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

McCoy has not been available to discuss the impending sale in recent days. A restaurant employee Tuesday indicated there would be no immediate comment because the deal has not closed.

Although the Number 5 property is being sold, McCoy is expected to continue operating Lampy's restaurant in Endicott's Union District. That property also was listed for sale in 2017.

UPDATE: This Facebook message was posted by Jim McCoy after this story was published:

There has been a lot of rumors, talk, and now, news articles discussing the status of the sale of Number 5 Restaurant. We want to set the stories straight and let everyone know the truth: There is a potential sale currently being planned and discussed. However, there is nothing officially signed and sold quite yet. We will keep everyone informed and in the loop as things happen through this process. Please keep in mind there is always a lot of talk in this small town but don't always believe what you hear or read unless it comes straight from the source. -Jim McCoy
P.S. Do you really think I would just close my Number 5?! No, something new and exciting is being planned for the future.

The east side of the Number 5 restaurant, which is housed in a former Binghamton fire station. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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