The weird looks and laughs come naturally with being a fan of coconut. Most people ask am I crazy? Do I like not enjoying candy? My response is that the Almond Joy is the ultimate candy.

It has milk chocolate, the best kind of chocolate. Its creamy and decadent. It is the king of chocolates. I am a fan of dark chocolate, but 9/10 times I will take its milky brother.

The Almond Joy also has almonds. I wouldn’t say I’m the president of the almond fan club, but I the case of the Almond Joy it just works. Almonds are proven to curve appetite and help people lose weight. So, the Almond Joy could almost be considered a health food.

Finally, the Almond Joy contains rich, creamy, and smooth coconut filling. The coconut flavor transport you to the islands. It feels like you are enjoying nice Pina Colada on a beach, where your only worry is what buffet you are eating at for dinner. The Almond Joy is a pleasure to eat and it is my favorite candy, but no one agrees with me!

According to New Yorkers couldn’t’ have a different opinion than I do. The most popular Halloween time candy in NY state this year will be Sour Patch Kids. New Yorkers will consume over 200-thousand pounds of those little guys. Sour Patch Kids are followed by candy corn with over 100-thousand pounds consumed, and Reese’s Cups with over 56-thousand pounds consumed. That’s a whole bunch of candy!

All I ask this Halloween season is that we give Almond Joy a chance. It’s the ultimate candy!

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