Christmas is just 46 days away and you haven’t put up your tree yet, when do most Americans put up their holiday decorations?

The temperature is dropping and we’re two weeks from Thanksgiving, so is it too early to break out the wreaths and inflatable Santa?

There are several polls and surveys that seem to contradict each other, but many people feel that holiday decorating before Thanksgiving is too early

I think it’s up to the individual and what makes them happy.

Some people who have scattered families across the country will gather at a location and have an early celebration.

A few years ago we went to visit my wife’s family in Tampa and had Thanksgiving in October.

Many stores know that people like to decorate early and that could have something to do with why they set up the holiday displays so early.

We usually put up our decorations around the Thanksgiving holiday, I have no problem with early decorating, but after Christmas Day, I’m ready to tear down and pack it away till next years.

Bottom line, do what makes you happy and decorate when you feel its time.


Wishing you a great start to the holiday season.

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