Did you know that the East Coast is home to a Christmas Village so enthralling that Display Magazine crowned it with the award for “Best Outdoor Display in the World?”

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This magical place has also been featured on the likes of HGTV, CNN Travel, and Good Morning America. Koziar’s Christmas Village has certainly captured the attention of the world and it's practically in our backyard.

Koziar's Christmas Village is located in Bernville, Pennsylvania which is just outside of Reading and it has been dazzling people with its Christmas displays for 74 years.

In 1948, William Koziar put up some Christmas lights around his property to make his wife and children smile but they weren't the only ones who enjoyed the display. People began to call Koziar’s place “The Christmas House” and began to arrive from near and far to see the twinkling lights.

Today, Kozair's Christmas Village is run by third and fourth generations of William Koziar's family and has grown into a true destination. In addition to the dazzling Christmas lights, visitors can visit several buildings where they'll find decorated trees, baked treats, a gift shop, a train display, and even Santa himself.

Kozair's Christmas Village is located at 782 Christmas Village Road in Bernville, Pennsylvania, and will be open through January 1,  including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

Take a Look Around the Stunning Koziar’s Christmas Village

Located in Bernville, Pennsylvania, Koziar’s Christmas Village is so enthralling that Display Magazine crowned it with the award for “Best Display in the World.” This magical Christmas wonderland has also been featured on the likes of HGTV, CNN Travel, and Good Morning America.

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