“It’s dark out at 4pm!” I screamed on Sunday night after I watched a decisive Eagles victory. I had totally forgotten we received the blessing of an extra hour of sleep Saturday into Sunday. It completely threw me off.


Sunday night I decided to jump into bed pretty early, trying to catch up on the sleep I had missed the prior two evenings. I closed my eyes around 9:30pm and dozed off.


The clock struck 2am and I was wide awake ready for my day. I then laid in bed for 1.5 hours contemplating why I couldn’t sleep, all while watching country music videos on my phone. Daylight savings time had thrown me for a loop.


There was no way to combat this. So far today I have had multiple cups of coffee trying to right my body, but it’s just not working. I always forget that this time of year takes me some time to get used to.


Maybe it’s my love for summer holding me back, or the fact that I have an amazing internal clock that doesn’t need tuning. I guess I will wait the week out and see what happens.


I think we should just cancel Daylight Savings, I like to see the sun when I get out of work!

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