Coffee is bad for you. Wait, no, it's actually good. Oh. Maybe not. Do you ever feel like you're smack in the middle of an information tug of war?

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When I was kid my mom and grandma would suck down coffee. And then at some point in my teens, researchers screamed out a warning that coffee wasn't so great after all and everyone started switching over to drinking decaf in the afternoon. Then, another set of researchers said just kidding, coffee is good for you and when you drink it, you're loading yourself up with antioxidants.

As a lover of coffee, I have decided not to listen to all the back and forth anymore. Maybe it's because I've reached an age in my life when I've come to realize that try as I may, I can't stop time and so I'm going to live my life doing what makes me happy and what makes me happy is drinking coffee.

If you're a fellow coffee lover, I salute you and I ask you this, what is your favorite Southern Tier coffee shop? Shoot an email to and let me know. Maybe we'll bump into each other there one of these days!

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