Unfortunately  the Binghamton Black Bears season came to an end earlier then everyone had wanted. For the second straight year, the Black Bears lost to the dastardly Danbury Hat Tricks.

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"Disgusting" is a better word then "dastardly" when it comes to their fans and the INCREDIBLE RUDENESS that they showed. The fans at Danbury were a disgrace as they shouted words that no father would want their 6 year old child to hear.

How about blowing air horns behind the Black Bears bench and reaching over the glass to steal their sticks. Security had the backbone of a toothpick and I hope that the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL) does something about their awful behavior.

There is NO PLACE for that and it makes me appreciate our fans all the more. I'm proud to be a Black Bears fan and would have no problem taking any kids to a game. In fact, the Black Bears embrace their young fans and you can tell by the energy inside the Visons Veterans Memorial Arena.

The 50th year of professional hockey in Binghamton and the 2nd year for the Black Bears may not have ended with the ultimate prize (the Commissioner's Cup), but in my mind it was still a HUGE success.

Binghamton Black Bears Set Attendance Record

They set an FPHL record for most fans to attend a home game in a season as 107,236 fans came through the gates at the arena. You showed up during the ups, downs and bad weather and proved that we have the BEST FANS.

Binghamton Black Bears
Binghamton Black Bears

I also want to give a shout out to the Binghamton Black Bears owner Andreas Johansson. He has brought a product to Binghamton that everyone can be proud of. One of the things that I really like about Johansson is that he doesn't shy away from the fans and answers any questions that you might have.

If you don't believe me, go to Binghamton Black Bears FB page or join the Binghamton Black Bears Fan Page and you'll see for yourself. He's answered many questions and I love the sense of humor that he has about it all.

Mr. Johansson, thank you for what you've done for and in the community. You make all of us proud and it is a pleasure being a part of your team. I'm looking forward to next season and before you know it, October will be here. LET'S GO BLACK BEARS!

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