One of my favorite pharmacies  (CVS) is going through a rough time and I hope it'll get better but we'll see. On the national level, they are doing some belt tightening by laying off 5,000 employees as a way to cut costs.

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The local CVS Pharmacy is going through a different problem of their own and it's not from their own doing. There have been reports made by residents of Broome County about phone calls being made to them from CVS. One problem, it's not from CVS or their employees.

The person that calls pretends they represent CVS and then try to get personal or financial info from them. CVS is aware of these scams and have issued a warning to its customers.

Beware Of Scam Calls Pretending To Be From The CVS Pharmacy

CVS is letting everyone know that no one from the pharmacy will ever ask your for personal or financial information over the phone. They are also asking you to contact CVS directly if someone calls you and claims they represent the pharmacy.

These kind of scams "known as phishing scams" are a common tactic used by scammers to steal your information. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to never give your personal or financial information over the phone.

If you're still not sure about the call, hang up right away and call the company directly to find out whether the call is legitimate or not. What I used to do when I got a call and they would ask to speak to the head of the household, I would hand it to my young daughter, Tara.

CVS is also warning people of a fraudulent e-mail scam. In the e-mail, it says that you are being rewarded as a thank you. Beware of an e-mail that looks like this.

CVS Fraudulent E-Mail


If you are getting other notifications asking for personal information  from "CVS" either by text, gift cards, survey rewards or a Phishing Website. They want to remind you that they will NEVER ask for that kind of information from their customers.

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