As news begins to improve on the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Cuomo and other states are starting to discuss plans to reopen.

We know we will eventually reopen and the economy will get moving again, but the big question that still remains is when that will happen. Accord to a Times Union report, Governor Cuomo is talking with Governors from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware and Rhode Island to figure out when that time could be. Nothing has been set at this point, and the Times Union also said the President even chimed in saying this would be a call made by the federal government.

I guess at this point we need to just be happy the the words 'economy' and 'reopen' are even being used in the same discussions right now. So while we do not have the news we want, the fact that these discussions are starting is a good sign we are heading in the right direction. We are by no means out of the woods yet, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little bit brighter.

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