Father's Day is today and GAC asked a few country stars to share their favorite Father's Day memory. Some stars decided to talk about what it's like for them to be a father and others shared stories of their own dad.


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    Darius Rucker

    Darius focused on his own kids. He said, quote, "They brought me breakfast in bed. They're young and it wasn't the best breakfast. I remember waking up and being so touched. It wasn't good but I ate it all."

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    Charles Kelley

    Charles, a member of Lady Antebellum talked about being super close to his father. He said, quote, "My dad has been a huge influence. We have a really special bond. I look up to him a lot, so Father's Day is a special day for me."

  • 3

    Trace Adkins

    Trace really loves when his kids get creative on Father's Day. He said, quote, "I like it when the kids bring me the stuff that they make like the little cards. Those things mean so much more than anything they go to the store and find."

  • 4

    Josh Turner

    Josh took a stroll down memory lane and thought back on the best gift he's given for Father's Day saying, "I knew my daddy had a big student loan of mine that he was still paying on." I think you know how this story turns out. That's right, Josh paid off the loan for his dad.