The "Chicken Dance" isn't just that annoying thing you have to do at your cousin's wedding anymore.  Its powers have been used for... PURE EEEEEVIL!

A 44 year old guy named Shane Forsythe got pulled over in Port St. Lucie, Florida last month for driving around with one headlight, a busted windshield, and two bald tires.

After he stopped, he jumped out of his SUV and started doing the "Chicken Dance" as a DIVERSION, so his friend could get away. Sadly... It actually worked.  His friend took off running while the cops were distracted.  Then they brought in a police dog and a helicopter to search for him, but still couldn't track him down.

They ended up finding a small amount of heroin in Shane's SUV.  He claimed it was his friend's, but couldn't prove it and the guy was gone.  So now he's facing felony drug charges.