Every single time that I hit a bump in the road of life, I'm quickly reminded that there are those who are struggling with things so much bigger than I am and that they're doing so with an exorbitant amount of strength and grace.

11-year-old Peyton Madden is one of those people.

Peyton is an average boy with one exception. He’s allergic to sunlight. The very rare genetic disease that Peyton lives with means that his skin doesn’t repair itself like yours and mine does after being in the sun.

While you and I are able to walk out of our home and bask in the sunshine, Peyton is forced to wear protective clothing that covers every part of his body during daylight hours. For this little boy, virtually all of his outside playtime happens at night, when most of his friends are in bed.

Sympathetic to his plight, Peyton’s community decided to do something really special for him. They gave him a day of fun outside. That’s right, the nighttime became the daytime and Peyton got to play with his friends and community without his cumbersome gear.

Be prepared, you might find a tear or two sliding down your cheek.

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