Small-town America is where it's at. Sure the bigger cities have a lot to offer, but what they don't or can't offer, are the slower pace of life, a community that knows each other and helps each other no matter what.

There is nothing quite like walking into a small town business like a restaurant or a hardware store and the person at the counter knows who you are. Street traffic is light, and no one is on your tail trying to get you to move faster.

Sure, the sidewalks may be rolled in at 6 pm, but that's what the slower slice of life is all about. Schools in a small town are better for kids, in my opinion. More attention to each child in class, and better odds of making it onto a sports team than big-city schools.

I grew up in a small town and couldn't wait to get out and into city life. Well, after several decades living in the city, I am ready to settle back into a small town or at least on the outskirts where it's not much of a drive to get into town. I love the country, but I prefer to live not too far away from a store just in case for whatever reason.

Outside of the Greater Binghamton area, we have many small, charming towns and communities. I thought of a few that are on both sides of the New York and Pennsylvania border.

These are towns that are proud of their history, community, and the people who reside there. Maybe you live in one of these towns and are proud to call it your home.

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