While watching the latest season of The Bachelor, one Cole Swindell fan noticed a very familiar face. It seems that one of the current contestants, Danielle, also played the role of the singer's love interest in his video for "Middle of a Memory."

Olivia Verschage went straight to the source by asking Swindell via Twitter.

"Danielle on the @BachelorABC is definitely the girl in Middle of a Memory. Confirm? @coleswindell," she asked.

His response? "For sure."

Upon further digging, the 31-year-old neonatal nurse competing on the current season of the ABC reality competition is Danielle Maltby. Fans of the show can get a glimpse at the actress' real life via her personal Instagram.

While Swindell's former video star's life in the public eye is heightened, so is his. The singer celebrated his sixth consecutive No. 1 single with “Middle of a Memory” in 2016. He was also named the NSAI Songwriter/Artist of the Year thanks in part to the biggest song of his career, “You Should Be Here.”

“I knew that music was powerful but I never ever could have imagined what impact my music could truly have on other people and more importantly in turn what it has done for me,” Swindell says in a press release. “I wrote a song as a way to help myself through the grief of losing my dad. But it quickly became bigger than me as people began writing to me with the most incredible stories about how the song helped them through extraordinary life events. I knew then it wasn’t about me anymore. I hope my fans know they have helped ME with every story, every ticket they have bought, every call to radio, and just showing up at my shows.”

Swindell will join Dierks Bentley as an opener on his What the Hell Tour in 2017.

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