Kane Brown built a career on posting videos covering country songs, and he hasn’t abandoned that practice since he’s become a young star. The artist posted a cover of Jason Aldean’s "Lights Come On" Jan. 3, featuring Brown and his band member hanging out on the tour bus and jamming out to the song.

The clip is short, but it’s enough time to show off the vocal skills that catapulted him to his status of the Next Big Thing in country.

The video is one of several clips Brown has uploaded recently, covering artists from Sam Hunt to Sam Smith, for his YouTube subscribers. He keeps his fans up to date with inside looks at what the singer rocks out to in his spare time: some country, some pop, and everything in between.

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Brown recently earned the distinction of having the most successful debut country album of the past two years, the previous one being Hunt’s. Their combined accomplishments indicate young country fans are not only unopposed to an atypical country style, but that they actually love it.

Brown’s self-titled debut record released in December, but due to his online following, his career began much sooner. Surviving an extremely difficult childhood, Brown uses his experience to inform his music — something many have connected with, and he hopes to be able to put it to good use.

“Now in the spot I’m in, I’d love to be a role model to a bunch of kids,” Brown says. “I don’t do anything bad. I could help a lot of people’s kids that are going through racism or getting bullied. That’s what I wanna do.”

Check out his cover of "Lights Come On” above.

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