If you’re like me, and basically everyone else I know, you have multiple cups of coffee a day. I need it to function and power me threw my show. I go to bed every night thinking of that warm, frothy cup of goodness I’m going to sip at 8:45am the next morning. It’s a comforting feeling.


Then lunch rolls around and another cup is had.


Then 3pm rolls around and a large cup is purchased.


Then dinner comes around and I realized I drank next to no water throughout the day. I quickly take out my pitcher of filtered water to try and make up for my aquatic deficit. I would say this is ineffective, but I still am in the habit of doing it. Now, I’m actively trying to drink more water throughout the day.


Surprisingly, coffee can still hydrate us some, but water and sports beverages are more effective in keeping us going. I have found that eating some fruits and vegetables can also help me stay hydrated. I enjoy incorporating things like cucumbers and pineapple into my daily routine to help with hydration.


Research ha shown that consuming coffee can actually help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer. It is recommended you spread consumption out throughout the day, rather than chugging a few large glasses in the morning.


Water in the morning is proven to be a great way to wake up as well. There has been a huge debate over if coffee or water is better in the morning, and my conclusion over the research I’ve done is to just consume both. A glass of water with some lemon will help all your bodily functions and provide you with tons of antioxidants. Coffee in the morning prevents all those health risks listed above, plus it warms you up in these cold winter mornings.

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