‘Tis the season for family and the inevitable cocktail. I am always late to bring something my friends get-togethers so I either wind up stopping at Wegman’s for pizza or getting a bag of ice. Ice is seriously the best thing to bring to a holiday gathering. Who doesn’t love a good drink?

I recently read an article that said scientists found 52 different stands of bacteria across 60 pieces of ice. Before you go swearing off ice and drinks all together there is actually some great news: it’s easy to kill these little guys. The answer is more alcohol.

Scientist set out a quest to find the best alcohol to kill these bacteria. (How do I get this job?!) They found some interesting results. Vodka was the second most effective way of killing the bacteria found on these pieces of ice.

Good ole whiskey came in first place. In fact, whiskey was effective none of the strands of bacteria survived the drink. This is because whiskey is very acidic and bacteria cannot survive in this environment.

So next time you are at a party and want to make sure you don’t get ill, have another old fashioned or whiskey and ginger ale!

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