Christmas Tree Shops is well known for selling a wide variety of seasonal items as well as home décor and a plethora of other things that the buyer doesn't know they need until they walk into the store and lay eyes on it but after filing for bankruptcy protection last week and the news that the retail chain is planning to close ten of its stores, many have wondered what the fate of the Johnson City, New York store location is.

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The bankruptcy filings come on the heels of Christmas Tree Shops being sold in 2020 and with a bit of surprise following a report in June of 2022 which stated that following a rebrand of the store name to "CTS," the retailer had seen a 35 percent growth in new sales.

In a statement, Christmas Tree Shops chairman Marc Salkovitz said that the current move to close some stores was “strictly a financial restructuring” and that “Our operations are sound. By increasing our financial flexibility, we will be able to focus on continuing to delight our loyal customers with a wide selection of unique goods at affordable prices.”

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With  82 stores in 20 states, Christmas Tree Shops is preparing to close ten of its underperforming stores in seven states as part of the “financial restricting.” Based on bankruptcy filings, the closures will happen in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and yes, in New York, however, the Johnson City location is not among the list of those being closed.

Listed for closure in New York are the stores located in the Spring Valley Marketplace in Spring Valley, New York as well as the store located at the Salmon Run Mall Loop West in Watertown, New York.

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