As many of you know, 98.1 the Hawk does the Food-a-Bago every year in November to help out CHOW. We are anxious to help those who need it around the holidays. Hunger is a year round problem, in fact hunger is more widespread in Broome County than many people realize. 1 in 7 individuals and 1 in 4 children in Broome County struggle with food insecurity.

So how else can we help? How about participating in the 37th Annual CHOW Hunger Walk? This is their premiere event to fight hunger in Broome County. The Walk will take place on October 6th at Otsiningo Park.

The Walk has three important goals:

1) To increase awareness about hunger in Broome County.
2) To raise funds and collect food to help feed our neighbors in need.
3) To exercise and have fun.

With your help, they'll distribute over 2.2 million pounds of food this year, both non-perishable food and fresh, healthy produce. They will feed around 3,000 people each month through their network of food pantries.

They will provide 152,000 meals monthly through community meal sites in the county. They'll help with job training to unemployed parents in Broome County and provide nutrition education to those who need it.

If you would like to put a Team together for the Walk or collect food donations for CHOW, go here to get the details. Can't participate in the Walk but want to donate to CHOW? Go here to become a sponsor or make a online gift.

CHOW is a program of the Broome County Council of Churches

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