Halloween is a week from today and kids will be eating lots of candy, here are a few suggestions to help curb their mass candy consumption.

I mentioned in a previous blog that kids are going for more sweet and tart treats like Starburst and Smarties rather than chocolate, however sugar is sugar and dental bills are reality.

So here are three ways to help cut down on those dental visits as your child dips into the Halloween bag.


  1. Avoid candy with Caramel: This gooey substance sticks to your teeth, unlike chocolate that melts very easily, so check out their goody bag and take some caramel treats for yourself.
  2. Drink More Water: Drinking water will help curb your kids appetite for tooth destruction, but wait till they come back at the end of the evening to avoid frequent trips to the bathroom
  3. Regular Meals First: Allow your children candy after they have eaten a meal, they won’t eat as much candy because they will already be full, but make sure they eat a fair amount of a regular meal.

Good luck keeping their little mits out of the candy bag.

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