The Cayuga Nation has taken legal action against New York State officials and agencies, filing a lawsuit in federal court in Buffalo. The Nation claims that a section of the state Thruway was constructed on its land without the necessary federal approval.

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According to the lawsuit, the Cayuga Nation claims that the state failed to seek permission for the construction of a portion of the Thruway during the 1950s. It argues that this section of the highway encroaches upon land recognized as the Nation's territory under the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua. The treaty explicitly stated that the Nation's 64,015 acres, which encompass parts of Seneca and Cayuga counties, "shall remain theirs" unless sold to the United States.

This legal challenge raises questions about the rightful ownership and authorized use of the land in question. The Cayuga Nation's lawsuit contends that the Thruway, as it currently stands, operates on territory recognized as belonging to the Nation under historical agreements. The lawsuit seeks to assert the Nation's sovereignty and protect its territorial rights.

The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications not only for the Cayuga Nation but also for the operations and administration of the New York Thruway.

In response to the lawsuit, New York State officials and agencies will likely need to present their perspectives and arguments for the legality of the Thruway construction. They may contend that the necessary approvals or agreements were obtained at the time of construction, or that subsequent actions have validated the presence of the Thruway.

Ultimately, the outcome of this lawsuit will have wide-ranging implications for both the Cayuga Nation and the state of New York.

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