A castle for sale in Elmira for under $100,000? I'll admit that the first thought I had when I heard about it was, "What's wrong with it?" Yet, I was still intrigued because it's not every day a person hears about a castle in the middle of upstate New York much less it being for sale.

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Sure enough, there is an actual castle for sale (well, the sale is contingent right now, but that certainly doesn't mean it's sold) in Elmira for under $100,000 and it doesn't appear to be in as out of control disrepair as one would think it would be given its low price. I mean, the home is not currently habitable and yes, it needs work, but the load certainly isn't beyond what someone with cash flow and gumption could handle. The average home price in Chemung County is $114,973 and a lot could be done with that $15,000 a person would be spending on a home that's not a castle.

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Have a huge brood? The Webber Castle, now just called 'the Castle, (we still can't believe there's an actual castle in Elmira) has ten bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an unbelievable 41 rooms. So, what does a castle nestled in Elmira look like? Let's take a peek, shall we?

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