Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease is a nasty childhood illness, and it is quickly spreading across several states.

According to doctors and reports the up-swing in cases has effected states like Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. It has even struck pro-baseball players J.A. Happ and Noah Syndergaard. Syndergaard apparently contracted the disease at a children's baseball camp.

Doctors are saying they have consistently seen the disease over the summer but the last week or two has seen a drastic increase.

One or two days after contracting the illness a fever will appear and painful sores will develop around the mouth. The blisters can become extremely painful and develop in the back of the mouth.

The disease can be contracted through hugging, kissing, and sharing food and drink. It can also be passed along through sneezing, coughing, or contact with a baby's diaper.

Doctors are telling the public to wash their hands THOROUGHLY after contact with children.

Extreme cases of the disease can result in paralysis,

Prevention.com warns about the infection period and clues you in on prevention of the disease:

People with hand, foot, and mouth disease are most contagious the first week of their illness, but sometimes they can stay contagious for longer than that. The CDC advises to frequently wash your hands, clean toys and soiled items, and avoid close contact with people with the disease. You should stay at home if you are affected, and kids with the illness should also stay home from school or daycare. There is currently no vaccine for hand, foot, and mouth disease.


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