Binghamton is known as the carousel capitol of the United States and the horses are ready to be rode as the carousel season has begun.

The Binghamton carousels were a gift to the area residents by shoe manufacturer George F. Johnson. He grew up poor and his agreement was there would never be a charge for a ride on a Binghamton area carousel.

Great news, it's still true today. There is no charge or for an admission price of “one piece of litter." Thus disapproving the theory that nothing in life is free.

There are 150 wood-carved carousels left in the US and Canada and what is remarkable is that six of them are here in our area. All six are now on the New York State Historic Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

Here's a bit of sad news, The Ross Park Carousel at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton is closed for 2018 due to renovations. It was installed in 1920 and features 60 jumping horses and an original 51 key Wurlitzer Military Band Organ. You can read more about the reasons it's not open here.

Recreation Park Carousel was to be open now but because of mechanical problems, they had to delay it a week and they hope to open this Saturday, June 2nd. It was installed in 1925 and also features 60 jumping horses and the original two-frame Wurlitzer Military Band Organ with bells. It's located in the historic George F. Johnson Recreation Park at 103 Laurel Avenue in Binghamton.

The other four carousels in the Southern Tier are open and are also free to ride. To see the times and to learn more about our historical carousels, go here and giddy-up.

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