It’s that time of the year where it seems like your weekends are fully booked. Whether it be the stress of the coming holidays, getting together with family, or taking the kids to their respective sports. The one thing we almost all share is losing sleep.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day, and my precious sleep is the first thing to suffer. It seems that there is no amount of napping that can cure my need to catch up on sleep.

I recently came across the word “sleep debt.” describes “sleep debt” as basically running up your credit card bill, the more you don’t sleep the more you owe. They also say that trying to catch up on all that sleep on the weekends, like I know I try and do, is actually not going to help you crawl out of “sleep debt.”

They suggest you go to sleep every night 15 minutes earlier, instead of trying to just pay off your debt in one shot. If you do this every night for 5 days, you are almost adding another 1.5 hours to your slumber hours. In my opinion, this seems to be the healthier option than sleeping 13-plus hours on a Saturday and completely throwing off your schedule.

They also suggest taking a nap. A nap?! One can only dream!


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