Brothers Osborne's new single is tailor-made to soundtrack one heck of a party. "All Night" is a guitar-heavy, singalong-ready jam.

Written by John and TJ Osborne with Andrew DeRoberts and produced by the brother duo's longtime collaborator Jay Joyce, "All Night" kicks off with a prominent bass line and an opening "Woo!" The verses play on familiar phrases: "I got the good if you got the time / I got the moon if you got the shine" starts the first verse, while the second offers, "I got the rebel if you got the yell / I got the raisin' if you got the hell."

"All night / Get, get, get to livin’, feelin’ alright / Dancin’ out the denim in ‘em, oh my Levis," goes the chorus. "I got the fuse, if you got the light / I got the all, if y’all got the night / All night."

A little bit of guitar noodling from John Osborne — it wouldn't be a Brothers Osborne song without it — leads into a similarly styled bridge: "What good is a saint if you ain’t got the sinnin’? / What good is a life if you don’t get to livin’ / What good is the one if you ain’t got the other / Takes two to tango, let’s get this thing goin’."

"All Night" is Brothers Osborne's first single from a forthcoming new album, the details of which have not yet been announced. The project will be the third studio album of their career, and their first since 2018's Port Saint Joe, though the pair also released a live album, Live at the Ryman, in 2019.

Brothers Osborne Don't Believe in Staying Quiet

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