The Broome County Sheriff needs your help. They need your help naming their Elf on the Shelf. I would suggest Suzie but that's the name of my daughter, Tara's, Elf on the Shelf name.

Recently they received a package in the mail. It was a gift....with conditions. The first condition is to name the Elf.

It is a girl but they'll take any names and make it work. You have until Thursday to help them with the name. The name with the most likes will get the official name.

Here is a cool bonus. Every week they will choose one of the social media Followers "likes" and the Law Enforcement & Corrections Unions will donate funds towards the Followers local charity of choice.

There are more responsibility's that the Elf will have, and you can see them here.

With all that is going on with the men and women in blue around the country, I think this is a great way to bring some cheer and smiles for everyone involved.

For those who don't know about the Elf on the Shelf, find out here and remember she reports who is naughty and nice. You can go here to submit your name for the newest deputy in town.

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