You and I might feel a bit cooped up in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, but what we feel is nothing like what residents of our local nursing homes are experiencing. Day in and day out, these precious souls are isolated from the outside world and that isolation is taking a toll on them.

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One Broome County nursing home employee reached out to share what she wishes the Southern Tier community knew about the nursing home in which she works. She said that while these are scary times, especially for those who are elderly or who have compromised immune systems, she feels the staff and residents at the home where she works are safe.

When asked if her nursing home has enough personal protective equipment, the woman said they do, "We have been very lucky, the facility I work at we have not gotten COVID in there at all. When it comes down to the specific supplies if we have a big outbreak of that, that I can't confirm...but I do know that they've done everything they could possibly do to get what we need in case that should happen."

At this time, Governor Cuomo plans to unpause the state of New York on May 15 and when asked if she wished there was something people had a greater understanding of, our source said, "If you don't feel right, even if you think it's allergies, nursing homes and hospitals are for people who've been compromised medically, so if you have a sniffle, a cough, you're sneezing, stay Facetime, do calls so we don't have to go into lockdowns like this."

Being cooped up and unable to see their loved ones has been exceptionally hard on the residents of our local nursing homes, "They want to see people. They actually would compromise their health to see their family."

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