While the popularity of buying and selling items online continues to grow so do warnings from safety experts and police departments. There is a thrill in finding a good deal or in making money, but that thrill can be quickly marred by the ill-intent of others.

Every day more and more reports are filed with police departments by people who have been robbed or worse, hurt, from transactions gone wrong. And it’s not always because buyers and sellers are acting out of naivety. Many times, buyers and sellers meet up in public locations and yet crime still occurs. So, where is e-commerce crime less likely to happen? In places where law enforcement is watching. Safe Trade Spots have been popping up at secured law enforcement locations all across America, now including Broome County.

This week, Broome County Sheriff David Harder, announced the creation of a new 'Internet Purchase Exchange Area' located in the upper lot of the Broome County Sheriff's office at 155 Lt. VanWinkle Drive in Binghamton.

The Internet Purchase Exchange Area is meant to be a place where buyers and sellers from online and mobile marketplaces can meet in person to complete a transaction without having to worry for their personal safety.  According to Sheriff Harder, the Internet Purchase Exchange Area has 24-hour recording and the space can be utilized at any time of the day or night.

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