I remember when E-ZPass was first introduced to Albany in 1993 and how confused I was about how exactly it worked. I traveled the Thurway on a regular basis and was so used to pulling out two dimes to pay my toll that my brain just couldn’t handle the idea that I could have a device in my car that would be hooked up to my bank account and would allow me to drive through the toll plaza without stopping to hand over my 20 cents. Now, I can’t imagine traveling without my E-ZPass. I love that I can use it when I visit my family in Albany and also when I visit my husband’s family in Philadelphia. That’s right, the E-ZPass can be used across state lines as long as the state you're traveling through is part of the E-ZPass program.

Broome County Clerk Joseph Mihalko recently announced that E-ZPass tags will now be available for purchased locally through the E-Z Pass On-the-Go Program at the Broome County Clerk’s Office. In a press release, Mihalko said, “We are happy to offer yet another service to the public. More local motorists can join the millions of New Yorkers who are already saving time and money while enjoying the many benefits of E-Z Pass. I want to encourage all of our local drivers to take advantage of the most convenient way to pay tolls and sign up for E-Z Pass.”

If you’re interested in joining the E-ZPass program, you can visit the Broome County Clerk’s Office which is located in the Broome County Office Building at 60 Hawley Street in downtown Binghamton. An E-ZPass will be sold to you for $25. Once you have your E-ZPass, you’ll be able to set it up online with your credit card and then that $25 will be credited back to your account for you to use to pay tolls.

Keep in mind that the E-ZPasses sold by the Broome County Clerk’s Office are only for private vehicles. If you drive a motorcycle or commercial vehicle and want an E-ZPass, you need to reach out to the Thruway Authority by calling 800-333-8655.

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