Organizers of the Greater Binghamton Air Show say they want to make sure people are aware of how the event is being run this year, which is a little different than in past years.

As was previously announced, the show July 17-18 is a drive-in event and Broome County is continuing to sell tickets for admission of entire vehicles online.  The ticket is good for everyone in your vehicle. Tickets are NOT available for individual people and there will be no tickets sold at the gate.  Tickets can be purchased at

(Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)
(Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

It is suggested you have your ticket printed out in addition to having it as a screenshot on your phone or other mobile device.  It will be scanned when you enter the show grounds, so have it ready to move things along.

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You will be assigned your own private viewing area but you do NOT have to stay n your vehicle to watch the show.  Spectators can bring a blanket, chairs or whatever to set up in their purchased viewing space. Spectators can also wander around to visit food vendors as well as military recruiting displays.  However, there will not be any static displays or display aircraft this year.  During the show, spectators are asked to stay in their designated area and should not move into any vacant spots since those could be filled by stragglers as the show goes on.

The following roads will be closed Friday from 2 to 4 and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:30 p.m.: Brigham Road, Commercial Drive, Flint, Knapp, Kolb, Upper Stella Ireland, and West Chenango Road.

Local traffic will need to seek alternate routes during the closures.

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