My husband and I are real New Year's Eve party animals, let me tell you!

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In my house, we go all out on New Year’s Eve by eating dinner at our regular dinner time, slip into bed at our regular bedtime, and then set an alarm for 11:45 p.m. to wake us so we can give each other a midnight kiss, eat a very small plate and pork and sauerkraut (because the good luck traditions can never start too early), and then we go back to bed.

I actually can’t remember a single year in the 15 years I’ve known my husband that either of us made it to midnight without setting an alarm. One year my husband stayed up and I made him promise to wake me, but I was in such a deep sleep that there was no rousing me.

I told you - we do it up big, don’t we?

In keeping with our wild and hardcore partying ways, if my house makes it to midnight on New Year, we will toast with some sparkling apple cider. We wouldn’t want to go too crazy, would we?

According to Zippia, if you don’t live in my house, you will most likely toast the incoming year with champagne as that’s the most popular toasting drink of choice in 21 states, including the majority of the East Coast. Interestingly, the states on the East Coast that will be reaching for something other than champagne will be sucking down strawberry daiquiris and tossing back whiskey sours, interesting choices!

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