It goes without saying, the restrictions brought on by the pandemic not only may have inconvenienced some, but changed the way we went about our daily lives. It was not always for the better. Many businesses had to struggle to survive, including restaurants. New York state was one of the first and hardest hit during COVID-19, so restaurants and eateries across the area had to think of some different methods to satisfy their customers, and just to stay afloat.

One small silver lining: takeout booze. But that would only be a temporary thing, right? Could we somehow extend takeout and delivery of alcohol indefinitely? Hell, NY Senator Brad Holyman even introduced legislation, in May 2020, that would allow the state's relaxed liquor laws concerning takeout and delivery booze to continue for two more years.

Well, there is some good news for the time being. The New York State Liquor Authority recently told the NY Post that the takeout rule has been extended through at least April 6. The Post reports that the decision was actually made earlier in March, but little to no news leaked of the decision. This will allow at least another week for the takeout of alcohol, plus delivery of booze to your home.

The ruling had been set to expire soon, before the State Liquor Authority's new decision to extend. As for the future, one has to wonder? Even with vaccinations rolling out, plus the slow loosening of restrictions,  the economy could still take years to fully recover. Extending the more lax alcohol takeout rules could help ensure that small businesses, such as restaurants and bars, can bounce back and survive. Plus, it's nice to have a 6 (or 12) pack of beer, or bottle of wine delivered right to your front doorstep.

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