Brett Young will marry his longtime off-and-on girlfriend Taylor Mills. The "Mercy" singer proposed earlier this month in Oxford, Miss.

The location was chosen because it's near Ole Miss, where Young went to college. They met while Mills was attending Arizona State University, the country star tells People, and will likely get married in Arizona.

Of the engagement setting at the Graduate Hotel, Young shares that they "were able to get a suite with a large covered patio and the hospitality staff at the hotel set it up while we were at dinner, so it was waiting for us when we got back."

Young and Mills dated for six years, broke up when he moved to Nashville and then reconnected. He says he wrote much of his first record about her. The Brett Young album includes love songs like “In Case You Didn’t Know” and “Sleep Without You,” but also devastating breakup songs like “Mercy and “Like I Loved You.”

"There was never any bad blood," Young insists. "It was just the wrong time for us. We recently got back in touch and realized that we were both finally in the same place and knew it was right."

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Young, 36, designed his 31-year-old bride-to-be's engagement ring with help from David M. Kodner of David Kodner Personal Jewelers. It has both of their initials engraved in it. This is their thing — last summer Young told Taste of Country Nights that every year for their anniversary he'd get himself and his girlfriend matching rings with their initials and the date they started dating inscribed inside.

Eventually he expanded to other pieces of jewelry. The tradition started because he was broke. "I wanted to do something like an anniversary thing every year, but the first year, I had no money. I was playing bars in southern California," he said.

People has a photo of the engagement ring he presented Mills with this month. There's no word on when they may marry.

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