Calling all fishing enthusiasts! Broome County Parks is offering a special treat this weekend in celebration of New York State's Free Fishing Weekend on June 29-30.

Visitors to Nathaniel Cole Park, Dorchester Park, and Greenwood Park can enjoy free hour-long boat rentals when they bring their own fishing poles.

As part of this offer, rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats will be available for free rental on Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30. This initiative aims to encourage more people to take part in the sport of fishing and experience the joy of being out on the water.

New York State hosts four free fishing events throughout the year, allowing participants to fish without the need for a fishing license. This weekend event is a fantastic opportunity for both seasoned anglers and newcomers to the sport to enjoy a day of fishing in the scenic parks of Broome County.

While participants can take advantage of the free boat rentals, it is important to note that all other freshwater fishing regulations remain in effect. Visitors must adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth by the state to ensure a safe and enjoyable fishing experience.

Please be aware that visitors will still need to submit the standard boat deposit upon arrival at the parks. Additionally, after the initial free hour of rental, regular hourly rates will apply for those who wish to extend their time on the water. Fishing from the shore of any park waterway is also permitted for those who prefer to cast their lines from land.

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Rowboat/Canoe Rental and Cost

Boat Deposit: $20.00
Hourly Rate: $5.00
Daily Rate: $20.00
Senior (60+) / Veteran Rate:
Boat Deposit: $10.00
Hourly Rate: $3.00
Daily Rate: $10.00

Paddle Boat/Kayak Rental and Cost

Boat Deposit: $20.00
Hourly Rate: $8.00
Daily Rate: Not Applicable (N/A)

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to enjoy a day of fishing and boating fun at Broome County Parks during New York State's Free Fishing Weekend!

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