Blanco Brown faced yet another scary health situation late last week, but fortunately, he's on the mend — and looking ahead to getting back out on stage in front of fans.

The singer, who was involved in a devastating and near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2020, spent a lengthy recovery period recuperating his health after that crash. But on Thursday (Sept. 22), he shared the news that he'd returned to the hospital, this time due to his leg.

"Sometimes you never know how strong you are until you have to be," Brown said in a social media post, alongside a picture of his bandaged shin. "I'm ok now but my leg gave out on me tonight and that had to be one of the scariest moments since my accident, to not have control of something you've done since the day you graduated from crawling."

He goes on to assure fans that he's been taking care of himself since his accident — "I even travel with a compression boot," he says — but that "tonight my leg just decided to fail me," and requests that fans keep him in their prayers.

"Pretty frustrating but I know it's only another test!" he admits at the end of his post.

The following day, Brown shared another update with some positive news: After finding no signs of a blood clot at his initial evaluation, the singer confirmed that his episode was not caused by a clot or by cellulitis.

"Inflammation, and maybe a nerve pinch, as to why I couldn't feel my foot when I stepped down and lost my balance," Brown explains. "Love, blessings, and thank you all for all the prayers."

He also indicates that he was planning a cautious return to the road. Brown is scheduled to headline the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, which will kick off on October 6.

"We're gonna keep the show rockin' in slow motion," he tells fans. "... I'm gonna take it easy, but I'm gonna still go hard."

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