Stress comes from all aspects of our lives. Things like money, family, school etc. cause all of us to get some anxiety. We react differently as well.

We may exercise to combat the stress. Some of us may break out with acne, like me. Others choose to ignore the stress all together.

One way to remove this stress is to remove your friends. Delete them from your life.


Deleting Facebook, however, is a way of “deleting your friends.”

Researchers in Australia found that people who did not log into Facebook consistently actually had lower stress levels than those who.

It only took one week for the volunteer’s stress levels to drop.

I took a social media break to start 2018 and it was actually very productive. I stopped comparing my life to others and it helped with not going on my phone every five minutes.

Researchers did find out that the volunteers who gave up Facebook felt less satisfied with their lives, however. I am not sure how to take that information. Were they less satisfied because they couldn’t play Candy Crush anymore?

Speaking from personal experience a social media break is always a good thing. I do guarantee you will miss seeing cute dog pictures everyday though.

[via Daily Dot]


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