Nothing kills the vibe more than when you go to a Halloween party and spot someone wearing the exact same costume or when you're taking your little one trick-or-treating and you see dozens of other little minions or Elsa's walking around. So, to prevent that from happening, Google has created something called Frightgeist.

Frightgeist takes a look at the most popular Halloween costumes in each city and tells us what they are, based on Google searches. So what can we expect to see a lot of wandering the streets of Binghamton Halloween weekend and Halloween night?

According to Google Frightgeist, these are the Halloween costumes Binghamton searched for the most this Halloween season:

5. Descendants
4. Paw Patrol
3. Teacher
2. Mike Wazowski
1. Witch

Curious what the most searched costumes around the United States as a whole are? These are the top five, but you can check out the full list (with hundreds of ideas) here.

5. Descendants
4. Dinosaur
3. Spider-Man
2. Witch
1. IT

I'm actually really surprised that shark didn't make the list of most-searched Halloween costumes for 2019. Why? I thought for sure that families would want to do matching costumes (especially families with really little ones) and what better costume to be all matchy-matchy about right now than a shark family? I mean, I'm sure you've heard this song a time or two (you're welcome), but have you heard this version?

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