My husband asked me where all the snow we got the past few days came from and after giving him a snarky reply about it coming from the sky, I welcomed him to upstate New York in wintertime. We got off lucky the past few years with very little snow, but it looks like the Farmers' Almanac is right, and that this is going to be an exceptionally snow-filled season.

In light of the winter storm that recently plummeted our area, Binghamton Mayor, Richard David has modified winter parking rules. The City of Binghamton has decided to start alternate side parking early rather than wait for December 1st and alternate side parking will remain in effect now until Mark 15, 2017.

“We ask for residents’ support to ensure public works crews are able to clear snow as quickly and safely as possible,” said Mayor Richard David in a press release. “In addition, this measure will minimize cars getting covered or surrounded in snow as plows pass with residents having to dig themselves out.”

City of Binghamton alternate side parking rules are as follows:

  • On even days, park on the even side of the street until 5pm and then move your car to the other side of the street.
  • On odd days, park on the odd side of the street until 5pm, and then move your car to the other side of the street.

These rules are in effect 24 hours per day and apply to all City streets, including streets with parking only on one side. Alternate side parking does not apply to metered parking.

If you have any questions about alternate side parking, you can call 607-772-7095 or 607-772-7087.

[via Office of the Mayor/Farmers' Almanac]