In the wake of the recent shocking death of a Binghamton University student, Binghamton University President Harvey G. Stenger sent a heartfelt message to the campus community.

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Expressing his own emotions and understanding the difficulty of the decision to cancel or hold classes, President Stenger proposed a compassionate approach to handling the situation. His message emphasized the importance of individual choices and the need for unity and support within the campus community during this trying time.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, President Stenger visited the campus memorial that had been created, filled with bouquets, candles, and heartfelt notes. It was a sight that brought him joy, knowing that the spirit of unity and compassion among the community remained strong. Understanding the challenge of deciding whether to cancel or hold classes, he shared his thoughts on what he believes may be the best approach for the next few days.

Coincidentally, President Stenger has classes with Liz Rosenberg this morning—poetry and creative writing classes, despite not being a natural in those areas. Nevertheless, he revealed his eagerness to attend class and be present with others who may feel the need to discuss recent events or simply find solace in reading poems and stories together. The suggestion was made with the intention of creating a supportive space where students could process their emotions and support one another during this difficult time.

Acknowledging the complexity of individual circumstances, President Stenger made it clear that each person should do what they feel is best for themselves today. Faculty members have been given the freedom to cancel their classes if they wish or modify the usual content to focus on Q&A sessions instead. Importantly, President Stenger stressed that no students should be penalized for their decision, recognizing the importance of compassion and understanding during times of grief and sadness.

In closing, President Stenger expressed his love and sadness as he encouraged the campus community to find solace and unity in these trying times. Recognizing the intelligence and resilience of the university's students, he assured them that missing a class or two would not hinder their academic progress. However, he also acknowledged the ongoing sadness that many were experiencing and the potential comfort that can be found by being together with others who share the same emotional journey.

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