Today marks the end of the spring semester at Binghamton University. This means finals are over and students are getting fired up for the Binghamton Bar Crawl which is one last hurrah with friends before they say goodbye for the summer, or don cap and gown and graduate.

About a thousand or so Binghamton University students are expected to descend on State Street in downtown Binghamton for Binghamton University's annual bar crawl and that crawl happens this afternoon into the evening.  Students usually start on the Westside and walk or “crawl”, to the State Street bars.

Not sure what a “bar crawl” is? Urban Dictionary describes it like this, "When individuals go from bar to bar in a small vicinity. Usually, they drink so much at the first few bars that by the time they get to the last one they're crawling from drunkenness."

State Street in downtown Binghamton near Hawley Street by City Hall and the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena is under construction so if you need to travel in or out of downtown Binghamton, you'll want to keep an eye out not only for construction crews and pattern shifts as well as lane closures but also for students participating in the Bar Crawl.

According to our news department, some Binghamton University ceremonies are already taking place, but the majority of the ceremonies will take place on Saturday and Sunday. As happens each year, area hotels are completely filled and you can expect that local restaurants and stores will be packed over the next few days, too. Binghamton University Police will be assisting with campus parking and pedestrian traffic as well as traffic entering and exiting campus between ceremonies.

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