It's amazing when you hear stories about people staying in one place for an extended period of time. Remember when your favorite player on your favorite team played their entire career in one place? Derek Jeter comes to mind but that's about it.

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So Joyce DeRitis is the Derek Jeter for the Binghamton City School District. This year, she celebrated 55 years of service to the Binghamton schools. I thought it was amazing when I celebrated my 25th year but DeRitis (can I call you Nurse Joyce) makes me look like a rookie.

DeRitis has been a part of Binghamton for her whole life. Did I mention that she'll turn 90 in September? It all started after she graduated from Binghamton Central High School in 1949. She would go on to the Charles S. Wilson Memorial Hospital of Nursing in 1952 and eventually begin her illustrious career at the various Binghamton School Districts.

In 1983, she became Binghamton's head school nurse and is still going strong today. When the other school nurses have a question, if a faculty member is out because of an injury or is sick, she is the one that is there.

Joyce DeRitis's Highlights

When I'm asked about some of the highlights in my life, my kids and my job are near the top of the list. When Nurse Joyce (if I can call her that) was asked the same question, she had the same answer.

Her tenure at the Binghamton schools is only topped by the raising of her two sons, Mark and Bruce, with her late husband. You've probably heard the saying "If you find a job that you enjoy doing, then you'll never work a day in your life."

I know that's true for me and it sounds like Joyce DeRitis feels the same way. Congratulations and keep up the great and inspiring work that you do.

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