You've heard the saying "out with the old and in with the new." With the new year here, I found myself having that very discussion recently about all the changes that are being made in the Southern Tier.

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How the Oakdale Mall is now the Oakdale Commons. There is a lot of construction going on and even more speculation about what businesses are coming. The IBM Country Club has been torn down to make way for a 75 unit apartment complex.

My latest conversation had to do with a business that's been here for a few years now but was built on the property of one of my favorite restaurants. It's located on Upper Front Street in Binghamton and was a short drive from my home.

Former Restaurant in Binghamton

Google Maps
Google Maps

My fondest memory of this place was taking my daughter there and having quality father/daughter time that I will NEVER forget. My daughter, Tara is now in college but when she was in elementary school, I would take her for lunch at this place about once a week or so.

I loved this restaurant because there was such a wide selection to choose from and I could eat to my heart's content. Tara really liked the food but she loved playing the crane game, where she could try and win a stuffed animal.

She didn't always win but she took home her share of treasures. What about me? I went home with fantastic memories that I can hold on to now that she's about to leave the nest.

Ponderosa Restaurant In Binghamton

attachment-Ponder 2

I don't see her as much as I used to but I'll always have...the Ponderosa restaurant that was on 1261 Front Street in Binghamton. It's now a Hoffman's Car Wash and I still get to share a memory with her...even if I'm not there.

When she got her new car, my vehicle-warming gift was a one-year unlimited car wash membership and for Christmas, I gave her a 30-day unlimited car wash membership. My hope is that she'll think about the wonderful Ponderosa memories that we had while she's getting her car cleaned.

Hoffman Car Wash In The Early Stages

Google Maps
Google Maps

As of right now, there isn't a Ponderosa in the Binghamton area...or anywhere in New York but I would LOVE for it to come back here. Here are five other restaurants that I'd like to see in the Southern Tier.

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