As I was driving to work this morning on Riverside Drive trying to dodge the potholes that wanted to eat my car, I found myself wondering when the potholes would be fixed. Believe it or not, the answer is this week.

Mayor Rich David is using the warmer weather to his advantage and has ordered emergency pothole repair saying: “Frankly the condition of many of our roads are unacceptable, and potholes the size of craters litter many of our central roadways. Now that we have a break in the weather I am directing city resources to begin immediately repairing many of the largest potholes in Binghamton.  We are also successfully working with the New York State Department of Transportation to repair major potholes on city streets adjacent to the I-86 Project (Prospect Mountain) to minimize the cost to local taxpayers.”

The Department with Public Works is working with the NYSDOT Engineer In Charge for the I-86 project to address the terrible condition of Prospect Street. As long as the weather holds out, NYSDOT says they plan on milling the section from the new interchange currently under construction east to Mygatt St. on Wednesday, January 15th.  After that's completed, they'll pave that section on Thursday, January 16th. The NYSDOT will also fill the potholes from Mygatt Street east to Front Street. The city has also worked out an agreement where the NYSDOT will continue to fill potholes in this section all winter.

Today, the City of Binghamton will fill potholes on Prospect Street west of the new interchange to the city line. Also, this week, the Department of Public Works will conduct emergency repairs to Riverside Drive and Conklin Avenue.